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I.X. "Orujo de Galicia / Augardente de Galicia"

Protected product
The Regulatory Board for the Geographical Designation Galician Grape Spirit (“Orujo” or “Aguardiente”) protects spirit made from the skins of grapes collected at vineyards within the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

The products covered are: first year grape spirit, sold in the same year in which they are obtained or after a period of being laid down, and aged grape spirit, which must mature in wooden casks for a minimum of one year.

Both the production and distillation of the spirit and the ageing of the resulting product and the elaboration of herb spirit and herb, and coffee liquors wil have to be made in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, with nine traditional areas of production established, each with their own peculiarities: Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, Val do Miño- Ourense, Betanzos, Ribeira do Ulla and Portomarín

Grape spirit produced under the auspices of the ‘Galician Grape Spirit’ G.D. must have an intense aroma and flavour, be fine and delicate in appearance, and free from foreign matter; first year spirit must be totally transparent, with aged spirits having an amber or toasted appearance. Their alcohol content varies between 37.5 and 50% by volume.

Bottled with labels detailing the “Galician Grape Spirit” Geographical Designation, and a numbered label issued by the Regulatory Board.


  • The Specific Designation of ‘Galician Grape Spirit’ was recognised by Order from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry on 5th May 1989 (Official Gazette of Galicia –DOG- 22.05.89).
  • The Order from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Agricultural Policy of 15th February 1999 (DOG 01.03.99), approves the Regulation of the Galician Grape Spirit Designation and its Regulatory Board, modified by the Order dated 4th May 2001 (DOG 15.05.01), the Order dated 8th September 2004 (DOG. 04.10.04), and the Order dated 22nd February 2005 (DOG 02.03.05)
  • Order from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Foodstuffs (MAPA) dated 21st June 2001 (Official State Gazette –BOE- 11.07.01) ratifying the Regulations for the Specific Designation of Galician Grape Spirit and its Regulatory Board; and Order APA 2668/2005 dated 20th July 2005 (BOE 15.08.05)

Technical data
Production (2007): 259.178 l


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