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C.R.I.X.P. "Pan de Cea"

Protected product
The protection granted to the “Cea Bread” Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) corresponds to bread made within the protected area, in bakeries registered with the regulatory board, only using wheat flour, water, salt and yeast as raw products, making the bread using the traditional method in ovens with the typical and specific features of the area.

Bread produced according to this protected geographical variety may appear in two versions:

  • Loaves weighing between 1 and 1.2 kg.
  • Half loaf or small loaf weighing between 0.5 and 0.6 kg

The area in which “Cea Bread” is produced as a P.G.I. is in the parish of San Cristovo de Cea, in the province of Ourense.

Bread of exceptional quality has been produced in the region since ancient times, which has led to it becoming famous far beyond the local area.

The type of bread produced under the auspices of the P.G.I. are long and rounded at both ends, with a typical lengthways split along the top, dividing the bread in two equal, rounded sections.

The crust is thick and varies in width, often on the same loaf, from 0.5 to 1cm., forming a crunchy exterior with a colour ranging from golden to dark chestnut, with a toasted flavour.

The interior is firm and spongy, with few irregular holes and variable size, light brown in colour with an intense wheat flavour.


  • Protected Geographic Indications recognized by Order of the Department of Agricultural Policy and Rural Development dated 16th April 2004 (Official Gazette of Galicia – DOG- 23.04.04)
  • By the Resolution dated 7th June 2004 from the General Directorate of Industries and Agricultural Development, defining the regulations for the registration of ovens from the “Cea Bread” Protected Geographical Indication and other actions to control the product (DOG 22.06.04).
  • Protected Geographical Indication ratified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Foodstuffs, in the Ministerial Order dated 26th May 2004 (Official State Gazette –BOE- 07.06.04).
  • Registered as Protected Geographical Indication by European Union Regulation 205/05 of the Commission on 4th February 2005 (Official Journal of the European Union-OJEU- dated 05.02.05).
Pan de Cea

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