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C.R.D.O.P. "Arzúa-Ulloa"

Protected product
The cheese produced under the Arzúa-Ulloa P.D.O. is made using whole, natural cow’s milk, fresh or pasteurized, from Galician Rubia breeds, Friesians, Brown-Alpines or any of their crosses. The milk may not contain any preservatives, inhibitors or medicinal products that may affect the elaboration, maturity and conservation of the cheese. Its composition must comply with the legally established parameters, and in any case will be a full-fat natural milk.

The cheeses are sold in presentations varying from 0.5 to 3.5 kilos, with a label detailing their Designation of Origin, together with a label issued and controlled by the Regulatory Board.

The area of production for milk suitable for making cheeses from the Arzúa-Ulloa D.O. comprises the local councils of Arzúa, Melide, A Ulloa and Chantada, as well as other neighbouring councils, in the very heart of Galicia.

The Arzúa–Ulloa P.D.O. covers the following types of cheeses:

Arzúa-Ulloa: A soft cheese, made using natural or pasteurized milk, matured for a minimum of six days, sold in round or cylindrical pieces with rounded edges.

Its rind is fine and elastic, mid to dark yellow, shiny, clean and smooth. The cheese itself is uniform in colour, ranging from ivory white to pale yellow, and has a shiny appearance, without cracks and with small rounded or angled holes distributed irregularly throughout the cheese.

Its diameter may range between 120 and 260 mm, and its height between 50 and 120 mm, although at no time may it be any higher than its radius.

Farm Arzúa-Ulloa: Made using fresh or pasteurized milk, in this case exclusively from all of the cows on the same farm. It general characteristics are the same as those described above.

The features of the Arzúa-Ulloa and Farm Arzúa-Ulloa are an initial aroma of fresh milk and yogurt, with an aroma of butter appearing as it matures, with traces of vanilla, cream and walnut. The taste is slightly salty, with a characteristic acidic touch. The cheese itself is smooth, soft and soluble in the mouth. Its smooth texture comes from proteolysis during the maturity process.

Cured Arzúa-Ulloa: Made using fresh or pasteurized cows’ milk, matured for at least six months. It is lenticular or cylindrical in shape, and the upper edge may be slightly concave.

Its rind is a deep yellow, shiny and oily in appearance.

Its weight varies between 0.5 and 2.0 kilos. Its diameter is between 120 and 200 mm, and between 30 mm and 100 mm in height.

Traditionally, it is known as ‘turnip-top cheese’, ‘turnip time cheese’ or ‘yearling cheese’.

Its curd is a deep yellow and is highly compact, with a strong milky smell with a slight hint of rancid butter.

The smell is penetrating, with a slightly piquant tinge.

Its flavour is mainly of butter, with slight touches of vanilla and walnuts. It contains a minimum of 50% fat and a 65% minimum dry extract.

Cured Arzúa-Ulloa cheese is characterised by its hardness and is difficult to cut; it is prone to cracking, mainly at the edges. Its has a very intense, mature milky aroma, penetrating with a piquant tinge. Its flavour is slightly saltier and less acidic, buttery with hints of vanilla and nuts.


  • Designation of Origin recognised by order of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry of 20th October 1995 (Official Gazette of Galicia –DOG- 07.11.95)
  • Regulation approved by Order of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Foodstuff Policies on 26th December 1997 (DOG 09.01.98)
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