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C.R.D.O.P. "Cebreiro"

Protected product
The “Cebreiro” Protected Designation of Origin covers all cheese made with pasteurized milk from cows from the Galician ‘Rubia’ breed, brown Alpine or Friesian breeds, or any of their crosses.

The milk must be full cream and clean, without any flakes, preservatives or medical products, and with a balanced composition in terms of fat and proteins, depending on the time of year in which it is produced, with a minimum fat level in the finished product of 45%.

Cebreiro cheese is sold both fresh and mature, with a minimun maturity of 45 days.

The cheeses, between 0,5 and 2 kg., are showed with labels detailing their Protected Designation of Origin and a second label numbered and controlled by the Regulatory Board.

The area of production for the milk and cheese is in the province of Lugo, where the main route to Compostela, the French Pilgrims’ Way enters Galicia, covering the local councils of Baleira, Baralla, Becerreá, Castroverde, Cervantes, Folgoso do Courel, A Fonsagrada, Láncara, Navia de Suarna, As Nogais, Pedrafita do Cebreiro, Samos and Triacastela.

Cheese produced under the auspices of the Cebreiro P.D.O. is in the shape of a mushroom or chef’s hat, with a cylindrical base of varying size and a slightly wider dome no wider than 12cm. The weight will be, between 0.3 and 2 kg. It has a fine rind or none at all, without mould and a colour that varies from white to yellow depending on the level of maturity. The cheese is soft and grainy and melts in the mouth, white in colour with a slightly acidic flavour. Its fat content is higher than 45% and lower than 60%, based on dry extract, and has a protein content of more than 30%.


  • Designation of Origin recognised by Order of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Agricultural Policy on 5th March 1999 (Official Gazette of Galicia - DOG - 11.03.99)
  • The Regulation controlling the Cebreiro Protected Designation of Origin and its Regulatory Board was passed by Order of the Department of Agricultural Policy and Rural Development on 21st December 2004. (DOG 29.12.04) and ratified by Order APA/1559/2005 of 17th May (Official State Gazette –BOE- 31.05.05)
Queixo do Cebreiro

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Presidente: Enrique Fernández Paradela

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