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C.R.D.O. "Valdeorras"

The Valdeorras Designation of Origin (D.O.) is situated in the north-eastern corner of the province of Ourense, a natural entry point to Galicia, with vineyards in the area covering the local councils of Larouco, Petín, O Bolo, A Rúa, Vilamartín, O Barco, Rubiá and Carballeda de Valdeorras, where the vineyards covering the banks and valleys of the rivers Sil and Xares, in a landscape of red earth where grapes, olives and chestnuts grow, surrounded by slate and granite.

The climate of the area is continental, with Atlantic influences. The special orientation of the region makes for excellent conditions of sunshine and temperature, with more extreme characteristics of cold and rainfall.

The white wines made using the Godello variety have straw-yellow colours with a greenish tinge, with direct, honest aromas reminiscent of apples. On the palate they are perfectly structured and textured, with a natural acidity that makes them fresh, elegant, fully rounded wines, with a long, satisfactory aftertaste. Their alcohol content is usually around 12.5º.

The red monovarietals, made with Mencía grapes, have a beautiful ruby or cherry red colour with hints of violet indicating their young age, with subtle aromatic expressions of medium intensity reminiscent of blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. On the palate they are gentle and full in flavour, ending with a clean, fresh touch.

Grape varieties and types of wine

  • Recommended whites: Dona Branca (Moza Fresca) and Godello.
  • Authorized white: Palomino.
  • Recommended reds: Brancellao, Mencía, Merenzao (María Ardoña or Bastardo) and Sousón.
  • Authorized red: Garnacha Tintorera, Gran Negro and Tempranillo.

Protected types of wine
The most characteristic wines of the Valdeorras D.O. are the monovarietals of the Godello variety in the whites and Mencía in the reds, with wines also made using the rest of the varieties.


  • The Valdeorras D.O. was recognised by Ministerial Order on 31st July 1957.
  • The Ministerial Order dated 24th February 1977 (Official State Gazette -BOE 01.04.77) gave approval to the Regulation of the Designation of Origin and its Regulatory Board.
  • Order dated 2nd February 2000 modifying the Regulation of the Valdeorras Designation of Origin (Official Gazette of Galicia –DOG- 18.02.00), ratified by Order dated 9th May 2000 (BOE 18.05.00)
  • Order dated 7th March modifying the Regulation of the Valdeorras Designation of Origin (DOGA 18.03.05), ratified by Order APA/2498/2005 of 7th July 2005 (BOE 01.08.05)

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Fichas técnicas

Presidente: José Luis García Pando

Estrada N-120, km 463
32340 Vilamartín de Valdeorras

Tel.: 988 300 295
Fax: 988 336 887

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