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Can de palleiro   

Brief description
Indo-European stock animal, rustic, lupoid type, straight profile, well proportioned, medium sized; mesodolichomorphic, of balanced proportions and a strong constitution, as well as quite thick bones.

Its hair is thick and dense and the coat is normally of a uniform colouring although with a great deal of variety: from sands, cinnamons, chestnuts, tans and even black. Sometimes, a binary greyish coat appears.

Origin of the breed
A dog from Indo-European stock, their agriotype was the main ancestor of the country dogs of Central Europe, accompanying the pre-Celtic Atlantic, central European and Norse peoples in the successive invasions (Celtics, Suevis, Visigoths and Norsemen) which inhabited the north-western Atlantic area of the Iberian Peninsula.

Shepherd and also guard dog. Very intelligent, it has a strong personality and is distant with strangers. Its psychological stability is outstanding, typical of a shepherd dog.

Can de palleiro

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