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Guicho ou Quisquelo   

Brief description
Straight profile, small lupoid-type animal, mesomorphic, harmonious proportions, with lively ears, hence its name.

Its hair is dense and mid length. With regard to the colour of the coat, practically all of them normally have a uniformly coloured coat or also binary and ternary; as well as greyish or striped specimens.

Origin of the breed
Also Indo-European, being one of the oldest breeds on the Iberian Peninsula. It was probably brought over by the Atlantic pre-Celtic and Celtic peoples, together with the rest of the Norse and Germanic invasions.

It has a restless and lively personality which, together with its rusticity, courage, agility, strength and tenacity on the land, makes it unbeatable in mountain rabbit hunting in Galicia.

Guicho ou Quisquelo

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