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Podengo galego   

Brief description
Primitive type, graioide, medium sized, light, sub-longilinear and dolichomorphic. Very rustic, austere, moderate, agile, with a great sense of smell, hearing and sight, together with its great cleverness.

Medium thick skin stuck close to the body. Cinnamon coloured coat in all tones. Frequently with collar markings and on the chest, head, tail, tips of the feet. Also with white socks.

Origin of the breed
It was already present in ancient Egypt (IV millennium BC) and was known as tesem or straight-eared Egyptian lebrel, as well as also being present in Eritrea and Somalia. Very probably it comes from the old Neolithic dog of the Saharan savannahs, spreading along the commercial routes, throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Specimen retriever. It is an astute hunter, tireless, a true helper for man, because as well as its nose it uses its sight and hearing to support the sense of smell. Retrieves the injured specimen well, taking it to the hunter.

Podenco galego

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