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C.R.D.O. "Ribeira Sacra"

The area of production of the Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin (D.O.) is an area with a long wine-making tradition, in a series of parishes belonging to 19 different councils on the step, sunny slopes that form the banks of the rivers Miño and Sil and their tributaries, in the south of the province of Lugo and north of Ourense. The vineyards grow on terraces running alongside ancient woods and Romanesque hermitages and monasteries that bear witness to the history and knowledge of this land.

The geographical area of this designation of origin has five well-defined sub-zones, Amandi, Chantada, Quiroga-Bibei, Ribeiras do Miño and Ribeiras do Sil, where tradicionally, over 2000 years as producers of excellent wines with great personality.

The Ribeira Sacra D.O. is mainly oriented towards the production of red wines, while a number of very interesting whites are also produced. Mencia is the most widely cultivated variety in the Ribeira Sacra, a noble red grape that gives wines of excellent quality, renowned for their clean, elegant and intense flavours and their deep, bright cherry colour, with a violet halo.

The most important whites, produced in lesser volume, are obtained from the Godello, Albariño and Treixadura varieties, fresh and fully rounded on the palate. Fruity with a crisp, acid finish, they have a pleasant aftertaste and delicate overall presence.

The minimum alcohol content of these varieties is 11º.

Grape varieties and type of wine

  • Recommended whites: Godello, Albariño, Loureira, Treixadura, Dona Branca and Torrontés.
  • Authorized whites: Palomino
  • Recommended reds: Mencía, Brancellao and Merenzao.
  • Authorized reds: Mouratón or Negreda and Garnacha Tintorera

Protected types of wines
The finest wines are reds made using the Mencia grape as their base, although single variety whites are also made using Godello and Albariño varieties, as well as multi-variety wines using different preferred and authorized varieties.


  • Designation of Origin recognised by Order of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry of 30th May 1995 (Official Gazette of Galicia - DOG 7.07.95).
  • Regulation approved by Order of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry on 3rd September 1996 (DOG 11.09.96), ratified by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Foodstuffs – MAPA - on 11th September 1997 (Official State Gazette – BOE- 25.09.97) and modified by Order dated 29th August 2002 (DOG 11.09.02).
Ribeira Sacra

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