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Perdigueiro galego   

Brief description
Brachoid type dog, medium sized, eumetric and mesomorphic; well proportioned, with a regal appearance, a wide chest and solid structure, trotter, with flexible movements, strong and resistant.

The skin should be thin and stuck close to the body. The colour of the coat, white and speckled or marked in chestnut, orange, cinnamon or black. Ternary layers, tricoloured white on chestnut and black, with fire markings on the eyebrows and cheeks. May also be uniformly chestnut, yellow or black.

Origin of the breed
It goes back to the old type of Italian pointer which, originally, arrived in Hispania with the Romans, establishing itself in the area between the north of the province of Lusitania and the south-east of what is now France, with morphological changes in the different geographic regions.

Given its characteristics, it is an excellent animal as a show dog and a good retriever, working on land as well as in water.

Perdigueiro galego

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